The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation introduced for ratification a protocol on changes in the trade agreement with South Ossetia

Sun, 08/09/2019 - 14:16

It is proposed to cancel the temporary periodic customs declaration when exporting oil products from Russia to South Ossetia. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation proposed to ratify the protocol on amendments to the agreement between the governments of Russia and South Ossetia on the regime of trade in goods, according to the official website of the “Parliamentary newspaper”.

The protocol was signed on May 6, 2019 in Tskhinval. It provides that when declaring a number of goods exported from the Russian Federation and South Ossetia, with the exception of natural gas, temporary periodic customs declaration established by the legislation of the Russian Federation is not applied. At the same time, temporary customs declarations for goods, the actual export of which was not made, are considered not to be submitted.

“The Protocol begins to be applied temporarily after 30 days from the date of signing in order to ensure the immediate organization of the supply of petroleum products in 2019 without applying temporary periodic customs declaration,” the explanation to the project says.

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