Cooperation with the DPR will deepen: Anatoly Bibilov held talks with the head of the DPR

Thu, 19/09/2019 - 13:04

Bibilov presented a Scythian akinak to Pushilin, and the head of the DPR- a basket of roses , which are the symbols of the republics and 2.5 thousand rose seedlings that will decorate the park in Tskhinval.

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov at the meeting with the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin noted serious steps in relations between the two countries, in particular, in the field of healthcare, culture and economy.

The head of South Ossetia welcomed the head of the DPR, noting the significance of his first official visit. "I am confident that our negotiations will stimulate cooperation in the field of culture, healthcare, economy and other fields," the President said.

Pushilin noted that he was very happy to come to South Ossetia, especially to celebrate such a significant holiday.

"I understand how important this holiday is for Ossetians, it is no less significant for the residents of Donbass, this is what we are still striving for, what we are dreaming of," he said.

Pushilin thanked Bibilov for the decision to recognize the independence of the DPR, noting that the republics have the same friends - primarily Russia, and the same enemies - Georgia and Ukraine, which are only executors in their aggression: "But our task nonetheless is to protect our citizens.

Bibilov presented a Scythian akinak to Pushilin, and the head of the DPR a basket of roses - which are the symbols of the republics. In addition, the head of the DPR noted that he brought to South Ossetia as a gift 2.5 thousand seedlings of roses. Bibilov has noted that the roses will decorate the Large Park in Tskhinval, the reconstruction of which is just nearing the completion.

At the meeting in an expanded format, the head of South Ossetia has noted that cooperation with the DPR will deepen.

He has also added that the Ossetian guys are taking part in repelling the aggression of Ukraine and "worthily bear the name of their people."

In turn, Denis Pushilin noted the closeness of the peoples of South Ossetia and the DPR.

“We emphasize the closeness of our peoples, many Ossetian guys are still with us to protect our civilian population,” he stressed.

Pushilin has added that cooperation with South Ossetia will develop in all directions.

The meeting continued without a press.

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