The official visit of the head of the DPR to South Ossetia has been completed

Sat, 21/09/2019 - 15:00

The delegation of the Donetsk People's Republic, headed by President Denis Pushilin, paid a three-day official visit to South Ossetia. The head of the DPR was accompanied by his wife Irina Pushilina.

Official talks between the leaders of the two republics and an extended meeting took place in Tskhinval. Based on their results, the parties agreed to develop cooperation in all areas.

There was also a meeting of representatives of the DPR with representatives of the Parliament of the Republic.

The state flags of the two countries fluttered on the central square of Tskhinval, in front of the Presidential Administration building on Saturday morning, and a guard of honor was lined up in honor of the guest.

The head of the DPR was escorted by President of the Republic, Anatoly Bibilov, the heads of the government and Parliament, Eric Pukhaev Alan Tadtaev, and other officials.

The guest was presented with a gift - a photo album from an official visit to the Republic.

Anatoly Bibilov also personally expressed gratitude to the orchestra of the 4th Guards military base, to the accompaniment of which the state events took place these days - a military parade and a visit of the head of the DPR.

Results of the visit

The head of state has expressed confidence that all plans outlined during the visit will be implemented.

"I am sure that the arrival of such a serious delegation in Tskhinval, as well as the meetings that are scheduled, will contribute to even deeper interaction in all spheres of our republics," he said.

Denis Pushilin thanked the President for the warm welcome, emphasizing that South Ossetia was the first to recognize the independence of the republics of Donbass and this opened up new opportunities for them.

"I am glad to be on an official visit to South Ossetia. especially on the holidays. I know and understand how important this holiday is for Ossetians. It is no less significant for the residents of Donbass. This is what we only dream about, strive for and go on. "- said the head of the DPR.

For his part, Anatoly Bibilov has added that every nation has the right to self-determination, as well as the right to choose its own vector of development.

“If the people have a goal, then nothing will stop them from achieving it. And I’m sure that people of the Donetsk People’s Republic will win,” the President said.

The delegation of the DPR took part in large-scale events to celebrate Republic Day in South Ossetia.

Denis Pushilin brought 2,500 seedlings of roses to South Ossetia to decorate the Republican Park named after Valery Khubulov.

A trip to South Ossetia is the first official visit of Denis Pushilin as the popularly elected head of the DPR.

South Ossetia in 2014 recognized the independence of the DPR and the LPR. Between Tskhinval and the republics are established diplomatic relations. In Donetsk and Lugansk there are representations of South Ossetia, in Tskhinval - representations of the DPR and the LPR.

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