The anniversary of Kosta Khetagurov was celebrated in one of the Bulgarian cities

Mon, 21/10/2019 - 23:49

The Bulgarian city of Kardzhali celebrated the 160th anniversary of Kost Khetagurov, the information portal Osnova reports.

The 160th anniversary of the birth of Kost Khetagurov was celebrated in the twin city of Vladikavkaz, Bulgarian Kardzhali. Its inhabitants paid tribute to the founder of the Ossetian writing and literature. Acting mayor Katya Mitovska laid a wreath at the bust of Khetagurov, established in the years of close cooperation between Kardzhali and Ordzhonikidze. The monument has been a symbol of good cultural relations between the two cities for many years.

Broken contacts are now resuming. The first steps towards rapprochement were made during the festival "Week of the North Caucasus", held in Bulgaria. On the sidelines of the festival, met.Vice Mayor Kardzhali Tuncay Shyukru and Vice Speaker of the City Duma of Vladikavkaz Madina Khodova At the meeting, an agreement was reached to intensify the restoration of relations between the twin cities in the fields of education, culture and tourism.

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