Anatoly Bibilov: It's time for the Georgian side to recognize that South Ossetia is the independent state


Anatoly Bibilov called the Georgian post in Tsnelis “a thorn that makes the whole body of the Republic hurt”

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov, at a meeting with the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions, expressed regret that the parties could not find a common solution on the situation at the border.

The co-chairs arrived in the Republic to discuss with the South Ossetian colleagues the agenda of the next round of the Geneva discussions.

The head of state said that in many issues they cannot find a common solution, and he notes this with great regret. “For several months, the situation in the village of Uista in Znaur district, where the Georgian post is still located on the territory of the Republic, worries not only us, but you too. I am sure that you have studied the Decree of 1922, according to which South Ossetia is arranging its state border. Moreover, we presented at the Geneva discussions all the necessary documents confirming the borders of the Republic.

We are ready to solve any issues in this direction, and, moreover, we solve them. This applies directly to Leningor district. I want to note that the problems of one district of South Ossetia concern the whole Republic, they become common for the whole state,” Bibilov said. He called on the co-chairs to respond correctly to the challenges that arise in the relations between South Ossetia and Georgia.

According to him, the steps taken by South Ossetia are clear, unambiguous and open. “We would like this openness to be observed by the other side. In response to the installation of the illegal post of the Georgian police, we were forced to take retaliatory measures aimed at strengthening the state border and protecting the safety of people living in this territory. But the solution to this issue should be mutual. However, we are faced with the Georgian side’s unwillingness to resolve the issues,” the President emphasized.

He has added that almost before each round of the Geneva discussions, various provocative actions are constantly carried out by Georgia.

“So this time, were recorded numerous violations of the state border by Georgian citizens, including a person who himself confirmed the fact of a deliberate violation of the state border of South Ossetia, and this, according to the head of state, is a continuation of the Georgian policy pursued with respect to South Ossetia,” he emphasized.

According to him, it is time for the Georgian side to recognize that the Republic of South Ossetia is the independent state, and in this regard to build the work with South Ossetia. “Each state has a sacred attitude to its state border, and each country makes every effort to ensure the safety of its citizens on that section of the state border from which danger can come. And South Ossetia will do everything to make the population feel safe and confident in the reliability of the border guarded by the South Ossetian border guards and the Russian Border Guard Service,” the head of state said.

He appealed to the co-chairs to do everything to sign a document on the non-use of force against South Ossetia and Abkhazia by Georgia. Bibilov expressed confidence that if this document was signed, then there would be no current problem in Uista. “I think that bypassing your position the Georgian side would not have committed provocations. If we come to the same opinion, then the settlement of processes dangerous to our people, as well as the issue of Georgian adventures, will be able to move forward. We are ready to discuss and solve all issues together. We are not leaving a single millimeter from the agreements reached, and we hope that our attitude will be heard, ”Bibilov added.

According to Toivo Klaar, co-chair of the EU, the head of South Ossetia raised the important issues that are part of a big complex problem. “The situation in Tsnelis-Chorchana was discussed more than once in the framework of the IPRM, and this is an issue that we must resolve. But there are humanitarian issues related to security on the one hand, and on the other hand, we need to think about what impact they have on the population. And since winter is coming, and the checkpoints have been closed for a long time, I believe that we need to achieve an early solution to this issue, because in the next week we are unlikely to resolve the situation in Tsnelis. And in this context, I want to urge you to separate these two issues from each other in the interests of the population,” Toivo Klaar addressed the President of South Ossetia.

According to him, the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions are thinking about how to consider the situation and get a solution in a wider context and solve not only one issue, but also prevent similar situations in the future. “We are actively working on this and count on your support, but we hope to see the development of events to resolve the humanitarian situation,” he said.

Jihan Sultanoglu supported the position of her colleague, and noted that South Ossetia’s commitment to de-escalate tensions was highly appreciated. “We have a specific situation in Chorchana - Tselis, but we need to look at the wider picture. And we, the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions, are committed to jointly exploring possible solutions. We are also concerned about the negative trends the closing checkpoints, given the impact of this fact on the economy and daily life of the people living in this region, we urge the opening of checkpoints as soon as possible,” the UN co-chair said.

Rudolf Mikhalka noted the importance of dialogue in the format of technical meetings, and stressing that the peaceful resolution of the situation in Tsnelis is the only solution.

“The South Ossetian party does not doubt the readiness of the co-chairs to resolve these issues. But when "a splinter sticks into a person’s foot," the whole body is hurting. The temperature may rise, the blood poisoning of this person may go. Imagine that the state is the human body. And all parts of the body are thinking how to pull out a splinter and get rid of the pain. The Georgian post in Tsnelis is the thorn that makes the whole body of the Republic of South Ossetia, all parts of our country, to be sick. And for the solution, it is necessary surgical intervention to pull out the splinter. And this doctor is, just you, it is you who can solve the problem in Tsnelis. It’s in your competence, one can even say, your direct responsibilities - to help the Georgian side to solve this problem,” the head of state addressed the co-chairs.

According to him, he does not understand why the consequences of provocations of the Georgian side should be resolved in South Ossetia. He suggested that the problems created by Georgia should be resolved in Georgia, and the problems of South Ossetia, here.

“You know very well that all problematic steps have been taken by Georgia, and we are witnesses to this. In one-night, Georgian security officials entered South Ossetia and occupied a height of 903. We also contacted you via the “hot line”, spoke at the technical meetings, moreover, you yourselves, saw everything on the spot, but the problem has not yet been resolved. We did not create it, and we cannot solve it either. Therefore, we are asking you to insist on solving this problem,” Bibilov emphasized.

He has stated that when problems arise in South Ossetia, the republic’s leadership reacts as it sees fit and necessary. And the closure of the border is connected with this.

The President has expressed a lack of understanding of how winter can be connected with the current situation. “Georgia does not supply light, water, gas, firewood, food, etc. to Leningor district. This district has been receiving everything necessary for life support from South Ossetia. Honestly, I don’t understand how winter can become a principle for solving the problem under discussion,” the President emphasized.

The head of state has expressed confidence that the removal of the illegal Georgian post actually removes all the problems discussed. “This is a kind of rope end that you have to pull to solve the problem. You demand from us to solve problems for which South Ossetia has nothing to do. The only way to resolve the situation is to ask you for help so that you influence Georgia not to commit provocative actions,” he said.

The President connected the current situation with the events of 2008, when all the provocations on the part of Georgia were made with the tacit consent of Western colleagues. “And they, with their certain inaction, provoked Georgia to more serious steps, which it subsequently took. I really do not want the Georgian party to be motivated by your unprincipled position regarding its actions today. These are reckless steps and they will not lead to anything good. We don’t want tension in South Ossetia, and we don’t want to see the actions that can go beyond the reasonable and not solve the problems that arise by Georgia, at the expense of the Republic of South Ossetia,” the head of state added.

Anatoly Bibilov has reminded the co-chairs that for the twelfth year South Ossetia has been living in peace, the Republic is being built, developed, and is actively engaged in foreign policy. The head of state has reminded the representatives of international organizations that we are ready for dialogue - for direct, through co-chairs or through Russia. “Do not approach the problems pointwise, but single out the one that directly affects all the existing problems of today,” Bibilov concluded.

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