The agenda of the next round, Tsnelis and Gaprindashvili: co-chairs on the meeting in Tskhinval


A delegation of the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions visited Tskhinval to discuss the agenda for the upcoming fiftieth round. In addition to official events, the co-chairs had the opportunity to visit the Republican Medical Multidisciplinary Center. In the morning they had a protocol meeting with their South Ossetian colleagues, after which the head of state Anatoly Bibilov also received them.

The dialogue lasted several hours. Following the meeting, the co-chairs told reporters about the results.

Ordinary people are of paramount importance

According to Toivo Klaar, the EU co-chair, the meeting was eventful, they discussed the agenda of the Geneva discussions, and also focused on the Tsnelis-Chorchana problem, and on the closure of checkpoints. "We talked about how to solve these problems as soon as possible, we also touched on humanitarian issues, since we have the issue of ordinary people at the forefront. In this context, we hope that in the near future we will come to the opening of crossing points," he said.

One-sided reaction

When asked by journalists whether the co-chairs in Georgia insist on an early resolution of the situation in Tselis, just as they say in South Ossetia about opening checkpoints, Rudolf Mikhalka assured that they, of course, were discussing all this.

“There is a positive fact in everything - people are ready for meetings in Ergneti and we are discussing all these issues. This is also a big positive step forward. When we meet in Ergneti, we come there not to take either side, but jointly efforts to make a decision. Our activity is mediation between the parties in this process. This does not mean that we do not bring our views and our vision for solving problems to negotiations. But first of all, the parties themselves must have an idea in solving the problem, and we should help them in this affairs ", - said the representative of the OSCE.

Journalists appealed to the co-chairs regarding their position on closing checkpoints, in particular, condemnation of these steps. At the same time, it was noted that South Ossetia did not hear the tough position of the co-chairs when Georgia had illegally put up its post in South Ossetia.

The EU co-chair Toivo Klaar has replied that this is a very difficult situation: “But the fact that the co-chairs, and in particular the OSCE co-chair is involved in this process, shows its readiness to solve this problem. We believe that humanitarian issues should be separated from issues of putting up the posts. And people should not suffer from it. "

Who is he, Gaprindashvili?

Journalists were also interested in the issue of the detention of the Georgian doctor Vazha Gaprindashvili for violating the state border. According to the EU co-chair, this issue was raised during the dialogue. "We hope for his speedy release, since his detention does not play into the hands of either side," Klaar said.

In turn, Presidential Envoy Murat Dzhioev said that Gaprindashvili had been detained for intentionally violating the state border. "According to the legislation of the Republic of South Ossetia, a decision will be made regarding him. So far, he has been detained for a period of preliminary investigation - for two months, and then the court will nude a decision. We told the participants in the Geneva discussions that this person had intentionally violated the border, not recognizing his responsibility for deliberately doing this, "said Murat Dzhioev.

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