The first minutes were the most difficult, and it was these minutes that determined the outcome of the confrontation, - Anatoly Bibilov

Fri, 22/11/2019 - 17:19

The head of state of Alania, Anatoly Bibilov, called on South Ossetian artists to develop a sketch for the future monument to the guys opposing the thousands of Georgian hordes on November 23, 1989. He stated this at a solemn meeting dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the Day of Courage and National Unity. “On the day of the thirty-fifth anniversary, we should lay flowers not on the stone, but on the memorial monument,” said Anatoly Bibilov.

The President reminded the meeting that national autonomies, and especially South Ossetia, were seen as obstacles to the implementation of Georgia’s separatist plans, which should be eliminated. “In response to the Ossetian attempts to provide legal guarantees for their autonomy, Tbilisi headed for the suppression of South Ossetia by force. Ideologists came up with the wildest slogans - from the forced restriction of the birth rate of Ossetians to the complete eviction of Ossetians over the Caucasus Range. The Georgian nationalists announced a campaign in Tskhinval to hold the so-called "peaceful rally", which was scheduled for November 23, when they honor St. George. Their calculation suggested that the call for support of the heavenly forces would trigger an attack of religious ecstasy and inspire participants in the Georgian march,” the President emphasized. He added that the purpose of the rally was to intimidate Ossetians so that our people would not even dare to think about their national rights.

“On buses and cars, an aggressively-minded mass of nationalists was delivered to the southeast entrance to Tskhinval, where the formation of a foot column began. According to various estimates, the size of the crowd was determined at 30 - 50 thousand people. The core of an aggressive mass consisted of several hundred-armed militants. The huge crowd looking at the houses of Tskhinval at the foot of the Zguder elevation was already looking forward to the panic and humiliation of the Ossetians. A little more and a peaceful city should be at their full disposal,” he continued.

Uastirdzhi was with his people

What happened literally in the city limits can be regarded as a real miracle. The Georgian march was stopped a few tens of meters from the church, consecrated in the name of St. George the Victorious. In their hopes for heavenly support, the organizers of the Georgian march did not take into account that the holy warrior comes to the aid of those who ask for his help for the sake of a just cause. Uastirdzhi was with his people, with those who rose to defend themselves from uninvited guests of their home, their homeland.

On the way of the huge crowd stood a small group of unarmed Ossetian guys, literally a few dozen people who lined shoulder to shoulder in incomplete two rows, blocking the road. Under the pressure of a huge crowd, none of them retreated a single step. The few minutes of confusion that arose in the front lines of the column of uninvited guests turned out to be enough for several hundred people to be already close to those who were the first to block the crowd of thugs.

These first minutes were the most difficult, and it was these minutes that determined the outcome of the confrontation. South Ossetia was waiting for many years of difficult trials in the struggle for freedom and the right to national dignity, to peaceful life. A long and difficult, full of sacrifices and suffering was the path to the final victory in the Patriotic War of the people of South Ossetia, which was marked by the recognition of the Republic of South Ossetia by the Russian Federation on August 26, 2008.

The memory of the feat committed on that memorable day on November 23, 1989, will always remain a vivid testimony of courage, perseverance, readiness for self-sacrifice and love for the motherland. South Ossetia can be proud of the heroism of its sons, who did not flinch, did not retreat, confirming that the modern generation of our people is worthy of their ancestors, whose name has become synonymous with fearlessness and perseverance.

The courage and unity

The day of November 23, 1989 has forever entered the history of our people. That memorable day showed the whole world that we are a people with a single will, courage and fearlessness, selflessly devoted to our Homeland, a people who are ready to fight to the bitter end for the freedom of their Fatherland, a people who cannot be broken and not brought to their knees.

“Then came a clear awareness of the connection between the fate of each person and the fate of the nation, the understanding that it depends on each of us whether or not to be Ossetia, whether we will live with our heads raised and be proud of belonging to our people. In those hours and days of the impending threat, the people felt the strength in their cohesion, realized the strength of their spirit. We realized that together we could confront any threat, protect and preserve our Ossetia! Such moments become a starting point, and people who have played their part in them with dignity, make history and make up the glory and pride of the nation. state.

May peace and harmony always prevail on Ossetian land, may there always be with us the courage and the farne of our ancestors!” the Supreme Commander wished.

Awards and the concert

For great personal merits in perpetuating the memory and preserving photo archives of the events of the 1989 - 92 Georgian aggression, the Order of Friendship was presented to Tamaz Makiev. According to Anatoly Bibilov, photographs confirming the historical facts of our recent history, and thanks to which we recreate the real events of those years today, are mostly made by Tamaz Makiev. “Unfortunately, few people know him, and because of his modesty, he never boasted and did not boast, never talked about his work. It was thanks to him and the mediation of Yuri Beteev that we were able to restore all the photo archives and make them public. The photos tell about the heroic feat of our people, the South Ossetian guys,” said Anatoly Bibilov.

For the selflessness shown in defending the independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of South Ossetia, some Defenders of the Motherland were awarded the Defender of the Fatherland medals.

The event continued with a concert with the participation of South Ossetian creative groups.

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