The Donetsk schoolchildren met with representatives of the Ossetian community in Moscow

Sat, 14/12/2019 - 16:11

Pupils of the Donetsk A.V. Zakharchenko cadet corps arrived in Moscow as part of a program of cultural and humanitarian exchange, education and socio-cultural rehabilitation of children of war, the website of the Moscow Ossetian community reports.

The program is implemented by the Ruspomoshch charitable foundation together with the , international organization “Alanian Community Association” .

The Chairman of the “Alanian Community”, Elena Bazzaeva, contacted representatives of the Moscow Ossetian community. Moscow Ossetians gladly responded to a request to meet with the Donetsk guys.

Major General of the FSB Yuri Bzayev organized a meeting of the cadets with the Deputy head of the international organization "Cadet Brotherhood", Lieutenant General Vladimir Kriunev. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Moscow Ossetian community - Deputy Chairman Umar Shavlokhov and Executive Director Fatima Merdenova.

Yuri Bzayev told schoolchildren about his childhood, about studying at the Stavropol cadet school, where he enrolled in 1955, ten years after the end of World War II, and the long way that led him to serve in the KGB.

- It seemed to me that the guys liked the meeting. They listened to us with pleasure. Of course, the children have great sadness because there is no peace in their homeland. They are feeling this strain, the absence of a normal childhood, when it is not known where he where there will be exploded, General Bzayev shared his impressions.

Umar Shavlokhov spoke about the military prowess of Ossetia, as well as the traditions and customs of both wartime and the everyday life of Ossetians. Traditionally, representatives of the community said a prayer to the Almighty for well-being in families and treated the Cadets with the Ossetian pies.

A rich program was organized for the cadets. They went on an excursion to the State Duma, where they met with the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Education and Science Gennady Onishchenko, went to Borodino, where they listened to a lecture on the military history of Russia, visited the Darwin Museum and the workshop of the artist Tatyana Ponomarenko-Leverash, were walking around the sights of Moscow.

- This is the first time since the beginning of the war, and this is a very important trip for the children. The cadet corps itself, founded by Colonel Zakharchenko, is only two years old. We are doing our best to keep up with Russia, but we need to have a base. We have it, but it is adapted, and now these guys already carry in themselves the knowledge of Russia, not adapted and not distorted, but historical. We all thank Alexander Borisovich Totoonov for supporting us in organizing this trip and meeting with the Ossetians of Moscow,” said Elena Bazzaeva.

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