In response to Tbilisi’s actions: South Ossetian special services regained control over the state border section

Fri, 31/01/2020 - 20:06

In 2019, the Georgian side, as part of its hybrid strategies, continues to implement measures aimed at undermining the foundations of the Constitutional system, compromising state and public institutions, as well as eroding the state border of South Ossetia and creating prerequisites for establishing control over the republic’s territory, on Friday at the reporting board, the head of the KGB Oleg Shiran.

"A characteristic manifestation of this activity was the formation of a hotbed of tension in the border zone, in the vicinity of the village of Uista (Tselis) of Znaur district. In response to the actions of official Tbilisi on the Tselisi direction, in order to ensure the safety of South Ossetian citizens living in the border zone, the Committee special actions have been implemented to restore control over this section of the State Border and stop the provocation of the Georgian side, "said the head of the KGB.

The KGB chairman spoke about the main activities of the South Ossetian special services. So, one of the priority areas is to work on obtaining information about the plans and intentions of the Georgian side and its Western curators regarding South Ossetia.

Covering counterintelligence activities, the head of the Committee announced the implementation of a package of measures to hamper the activity of foreign intelligence services.

As part of the defense of the Constitutional system, the KGB's efforts focused on ensuring the security of the parliamentary election campaign held in June 2019 and timely localization of the prerequisites for the aggravation of the socio-political situation in the Republic.

The work was carried out to prevent members of international terrorist and extremist organizations from penetrating into South Ossetia, and to seize illegally stored weapons and ammunition.

In the field of economic security, the Committee's activities were aimed at operational support for the implementation of the Investment Program for the restoration of South Ossetian infrastructure.

Information and analytical work of the department was carried out in the context of monitoring the elements of the operational situation, analyzing existing and emerging security threats, relevant reports to the President and informing the highest bodies of state power and government of South Ossetia. The Chairperson also noted that in 2019 a significant part of the meetings of the Security Council was initiated by the Committee.

Through public relations of the KGB, the population of the Republic was regularly informed about the activities of the state security organs of South Ossetia.

In general, the head of the South Ossetian special service positively assessed the results of the Committee's operational and operational activities in 2019 and confirmed the readiness of the departments of the department to fulfill the assigned tasks.

In conclusion, the KGB chairman emphasized that the Committee relies especially on the population of South Ossetia in its activities and is grateful to the residents of the Republic for understanding, support and assistance in neutralizing security threats.

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