From a statement by representatives of South Ossetia submitted to the Presidium of the Congress of East Peoples in Baku. - September 5, 1920

Thu, 13/02/2020 - 19:39

<...> Having concluded peace with Azerbaijan in June this year, the Menshevik government sent all its forces to South Ossetia <...>

On the heights of Tskhinval, an unequal battle ensued, as a result of which the red rebels of South Ossetia, having spent their ammunition, having no food or assistance from anywhere, with their families under the pressure of superior enemy forces, were forced to withdraw the front and retreat to the Terek region.

Six gorges: Dzhava, Roksky, Kesheltskoe, Belotsky, Kornissky and Tsono-Kudarsky suffered a terrible defeat.

The class struggle of the red rebels of South Ossetia, the Menshevik Georgian government gave the character of a national war - massacre, which explains the mass executions of civilians, whose number of victims cannot be counted, the complete ruin and burning of South Ossetian villages up to 50.

All livestock, all property and all old Ossetian bread was confiscated or taken away by the modern Huns, and the new crop was trampled. And now the population of South Ossetia, deprived of livelihoods, without shelter and shelter, is wandering through forests and mountains.

Having declared to the Presidium of the Congress of the Oriental Peoples about all of the above, we are firmly convinced that the Congress will take energetic and effective measures to put an end to the sufferings of the citizens of Soviet South Ossetia and the regime of terrible repressions against the peaceful population of South Ossetia by the Menshevik Georgian government.

And here, in the face of the whole oppressed East, we consider it necessary to firmly and decisively repeat the inexorable will of the South Ossetian people, namely:

1. South Ossetia has never been and is not part of the Menshevik Georgian Republic.

2. South Ossetia is an integral part of the RSFSR, and is directly part of it<...>

(The struggle of the working people of South Ossetia for Soviet power. 1917-1921: Documents and materials. Stalinir: State Publishing House of South Ossetia, 1957, p. 160-161.)