Resolution of the Transcaucasian government on renaming the township of Tskhinval into a city with the introduction of a town status

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Having heard the report of the Interior Minister on the question of transforming the township of Tskhinval, Gori district, Tiflis province, into a town with the introduction of a town status , and sharing the opinion of the Minister of Internal Affairs on this subject presented in the report, the Transcaucasian government recognized the need to satisfy the petition of residents of Tskhinval.

II. Transform the township of Tskhinval into a town with the introduction of a town status on the following grounds.

1. The owners of land within the town retain all land rights previously acquired by them legally.

2. Common areas are owned by the city.

3. Persons of a rural state living in this town enjoy all the rights and bear all the obligations according to the rules of the town situation, and those who would not want to classify themselves as city dwellers retain all the state rights to the land device that they enjoyed before this.

4. Provide the Tiflis Provincial Commissar (the right) to make all necessary orders thereto, taking measures to urgently hold elections to the town council on the basis of the rules approved on April 15, 1917, and establish the total number of vowels to be elected to the City Duma, 20 people.

5. Provide this Commissioner to take care of the exact designation of the boundaries of the town in the established order, as well as oversee the earliest possible preparation by the city government of a plan for the town’s residential area in accordance with the guidelines of the circular of the technical construction committee of the Ministry of the Interior dated June 1, 1915 No. 956.

6. This legislative proposal should be submitted to the Transcaucasian Seimas as a matter of urgency.

April 1918

Chairman (signature)

The Interior Minister (signature)

TsGAOOR and SS GSSR, f. 11 s., 1086, l. 159. Typewritten copy.

From the book "The struggle of the working people of South Ossetia for Soviet power" (1917-1921). Documents and materials. Compiled by I.N. Tskhovrebov.