A heartbreaking moan is coming from South Ossetia

Thu, 20/02/2020 - 20:43

News column from the Vladikavkaz newspaper “Kermen”, No. 29, September 2, 1920. Published in translation from the Ossetian original.

A meeting was recently held in the Chverebsky Gorge. At this meeting, the rulers of Georgia said to the Ossetians: they say we burned you and you should calm down. Their own Georgian newspapers write that even where there was no unrest, Ossetians have no life.

Ossetians are in a completely hopeless situation: they are tired of the violence that the police are repairing - there is fear in people, there is no desire to work. Extortions and beatings have no end. A black day fell on our people from Georgia.

The Ertoba (Unity) newspaper of the Georgian Mensheviks writes: “Our - the Georgian Republic has expelled the South Ossetians and will continue to drive them to the socialist paradise where they aspired. How can we leave the people to be destroyed on our land!”

This is how Georgian flayers, the Mensheviks, write. But let honest people all over the world say: who is the rebel and the flayer — the poor Ossetians, from whose hands no hearth, not a single person died — or the Georgian Mensheviks, who have burned all of Ossetia, who are killing , exterminated, until now, are flayers and hangers destroying the poor huts of starving people?

For those who have lost their conscience, medicine is the tip of a bayonet, and we remember this.

Georgian rulers adopted a decree: Ossetians who still remained in South Ossetia should be expelled and resettled in Borchalo and Karayaz. And in their place to settle Georgians from Sharopansky and Ozurgeti counties.

Regarding such a decision, Ossetians living in Tiflis appealed to Jordania with a request not to comply with this decision, as a result of which the poor Ossetians will finally die.

So,the rulers of Georgia do not spare the unfortunate Ossetians.

And they don’t leave them there

When the villains ruling Georgia expelled Ossetians from South Ossetia, they scattered in all directions. Many fled to Tyrsygom (the gorge of the upper reaches of the Terek populated by Ossetians.) And settled there with relatives, some with friends. Having learned about this, the Georgian leaders sent their people there and from the inhabitants of those villages where these persecuted poor people stopped, they drove all cattle, both large and small, for saying that you are holding Ossetians from South Ossetia.

Villages with cattle taken: Wallag-Des, Dallag-Des, Zoczolta and Suatis. Most of the refugees are in these villages. This is how unworthy Georgian rulers nowhere allow poor, offended people to live.

From the book of Ruslan Bzarov "The Ossetian genocide: 1920"