Information from the Vladikavkaz newspaper "Kermen", No. 27, August 21, 1920

Sat, 22/02/2020 - 12:23

The rulers of Georgia now still do not spare anyone

Many people with their cattle from South Ossetia arrive in Alagir every day. They tell: Georgians are exterminating and destroying us, they do not allow us to live.

And this poor and unfortunate working people are calling for help to the working people of Russia, to their intercessor - the Communist Party, and really hope that it will help them in this difficult year.

Information from the newspaper "The Mountain poor", No. 2, August 22, 1920

Ossetia: Cholera is raging

Alagir. An unprecedented cholera epidemic is rampant among refugees and residents. Every day, 60-80 people die out. From August 11 to the 16th, 343 people died in 5 days. On August 14, 94 people died in one day. Residents and refugees have fled to the forests, and there is no one to bury the dying. Whole families die out in one day. Ambulance is needed.

From the book by Ruslan Bzarov "The Ossetian genocide: 1920"