The moaning of South Ossetia

Sun, 23/02/2020 - 13:22

The paragraph from the Vladikavkaz newspaper "Kermen", No. 29, September 2, 1920. Published in translation from the Ossetian original.

Poor Ossetians of the south, what a pity you are, you are quite homeless, moving to live from south to north. Those who are more adventurous settled in the city, and many poor people are dying. Undressed and barefoot, hungry and without food, and, in addition, caught up by a cholera epidemic. In Salugardan, they are not able to bury their dead. The heart is broken from the sight of these miserable people, many carry their children in their arms, other children have lost their parents. It would be better if I were not born into the world than to see such poverty of South Ossetians. I turn a great rebuke to educated people from our northerners, nobody needs posthumous help, guests have arrived in our region and it isn’t appropriate for us to leave them without help: we had to go around the villages at least once and visit our poor brothers. These people offended by fate in Salugardan have almost died out, daily at least 60 of them are buried without coffins.

I appeal to everyone: whoever can help with something, let him not regret himself, let him not hide, but help the unfortunate s— any help will be good.

First of all, I appeal to the Ossetian Executive Committee: offended and insulted southerners perish in Salugardan and other places, they need urgent help - primarily medicines and food. Those who save these people from their tribulations will be rewarded with the kingdom of heaven. I shout loudly to you: Alarm, help the offended.

Resident of Salugardan

From the book by Ruslan Bzarov "The Ossetian genocide: 1920"