Report of the Chairman of the Economic Council of South Ossetia

Sun, 15/03/2020 - 17:53

On the state and tasks of the further development of industry in the region. August 18, 1922

South Ossetia has always been a country of agriculture. There was no industry. There are no factories or plants. The Menshevik pogrom in 1920 destroyed the economic life of South Ossetia to the foundation. The ruin is complete. The economic authorities of South Ossetia are faced with the task of restoring a devastated economy.

In particular, the Soviet of National Economy of South Ossetia is faced with the task of: 1) rebuilding primarily the destroyed public buildings, 2) promote industry. <...> Chairman of the Soviet of National Economy Z.N. Vaneev

(Restoration and development of the national economy of South Ossetia. 1921-1929: Collection of documents and materials. T. I. Stalinir: State Publishing House of South Ossetia, I960, p. 137-138.)

From the book by Ruslan Bzarov "The Ossetian genocide: 1920"