Extract from the minutes of the II conference of the South Ossetian organization of the RCP (b)

Wed, 18/03/2020 - 20:51

1. Listened: Report of Comrade Vladimir Sanakoev and discussion of a memorandum of labor in South Ossetia.

Resolved: The Memorandum of Labor of South Ossetia to be adopted, signed and submitted to all addresses of the Central Organizations with special delegates at the discretion of the District Committee of the RCP (b), seeking to implement the main points of the memorandum ...

2. Listened: 0n the re-election of members of the District Committee.

Resolved: Leave from the old members those who are actually working: 1. Vladimir Sanakoev, 2. Sergey Gagloev, 3. Alexander Dzhatiev, 4. Aron Pliev and replenish them with three comrades: Razden Kozayev ... Gega Dzhioev.

3. Listened: 0n the Rock events.

Resolved: To express deep indignation over the invasion of the gangs of the Georgian counter-revolutionary Menshevik government in South Ossetia and the violence they are perpetrating against the peaceful working poor. For now, we shall refrain from actively helping the rebels of the Rock district until we receive the accurate information from Comrade Dzhatiev, who was sent to the rebel front with emergency powers.

1920 May 28.

Chairman - V. Sanakoev

Party archive of the South Ossetian Regional Committee of the Communist Party -Handwritten original

From the book "The struggle of the working people of South Ossetia for the Soviet power" (1917-1921). Documents and materials. Compiled by I.N. Tskhovrebov.