Events of 1920 in oral history

Thu, 19/03/2020 - 12:02

From the story of Ilya Piruzovich Chigoev, 89 years old, a native of the village Leningor, now living in Tskhinval.

When the Georgian troops were about to break into the village, the entire population gathered to leave the village. Our grandfather did not agree, he was blind in both eyes and said that he would not go: "what can be done to me - I am a blind, weak old man." But his son sent the others to the mountains, and he climbed a tree to watch his father: he could not leave him. At dusk, the Georgian guard burst into the village, a feeble old man was taken into the courtyard, where he was shot without any questions, then his body was thrown on a pile of hay set on fire in the courtyard of the house. But the body did not burn. This was watched by the son. At midnight, his son crawled for his father’s body, tied the remains of a poor old man to his feet and crawled out towards the forest, where he buried the remains of his father.

From the book of Ruslan Bzarov "The Ossetian genocide: 1920"