"The law of the jungle" is not acceptable in a civilized world, - Foreign Minister of South Ossetia

Tue, 07/04/2020 - 14:53

Answers of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia Dmitry Medoev to media questions

On April 6, the US state Department published a post on its page with the cynical title "Iran's sanctions relief scam". How would you comment on this?

- By the way, in the same statement, there is Tehran’s fair call to ease sanctions, because of the coronavirus pandemic is called a “cunning campaign”, and the Iranian people are called “the long-suffering victim of the Iranian regime.” What can I say, Washington is in its role ...

However, it seems to me that this statement by the State Department was addressed not only to Iran, but also to a group of 24 former senior diplomats and the military, which called on President Trump to ease anti-Iranian sanctions.

It should also be reminded that earlier on March 16 this year The Russian Foreign Ministry also appealed to the United States to stop trying to prevent Iran from combating coronavirus and called for immediate lifting of sanctions, emphasizing that at the height of the spread of the virus in Iran, it was not appropriate to settle geopolitical scores for their own ambitions.

For our part, we also join sensible voices that urge people not to be divided into “good” and “bad,” especially since the new virus is not making distinction and is attacking all countries indiscriminately.

South Ossetia is confident that additional sanctions against neighboring Iran are completely inappropriate, as well as they are not fair in relation to other countries. The "law of the jungle" is not acceptable in the civilized world, when almost all the inhabitants of all continents need the same help.

- Is this situation comparable with ours?

- Undoubtedly, this whole story is like two drops of water similar to the actions of American puppets, who today are ruling the neighboring state - Georgia. The government of this country imitates not only the manners and manners of the overseas patrons, imperial cynicism and idle talk, but also uses turn of speech and even intonation.

The greater the danger of wide spread of the new virus in Georgia, the more the psychosis is fomented to “save” the population of South Ossetia from the virus that has spread in their own country.

- What is the goal?

- I believe that this campaign is designed to distract attention from the distribution of considerable financial resources coming to Georgia from international organizations to combat the spread of the virus. It seems that today the Georgian beneficiary is particularly concerned about the distribution of large amounts intended for the so-called "occupied territories" - South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Can you elaborate?"

- The situation is quite simple: Georgia has received large tranches of money from international organizations that cannot be spent on their own needs, but they also cannot be transferred to the intended destination, the reason is the lack of any contacts with the final recipients.

It comes to the point of absurdity - in order to somehow arrange for the transfer of humanitarian aid to the “Ossetian population”, the Georgian authorities did not think up anything better than to deprive the residents of the village of Tserovani - Leningor district immigrants of South Ossetia and distribute it to other categories of refugees ...

In addition to this, the ongoing aggressive policy and the notorious law on the occupied territories do not allow Tbilisi to fulfill the target setting of international donors. This is a dead end in which the past and the current Georgian politicians have driven themselves.

This is precisely the reason for the inadequate behavior of the Georgian authorities, who actively use an arsenal of cheap information technologies performed by various government officials, who enthusiastically tell horror stories about the “catastrophic situation of the occupied population”.

At this time, South Ossetia is successfully resisting the viral onslaught from the south and, despite successes in this matter, is ready for various forms of cooperation with all interested international organizations, both for the current moment and for a rapidly changing perspective.

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