An external security threat to South Ossetia is the transfer of a dangerous infection from Georgia, - KGB

Thu, 21/05/2020 - 18:44

The KGB of South Ossetia reported on Wednesday that the direct continuation of the South Ossetian genocide policy at the present stage is the activities in Georgia of the so-called "R. Lugar Research Center for Public Health.”, whose representatives continue the attempts to take biological material from citizens of the Republic of South Ossetia.

"So, a few days ago, on a section of the South Ossetian-Georgian border near the village of Uista, servicemen of the RSO KGB Border Service detected an unauthorized appearance of a car of the Georgian private medical clinic" Private ", with a green inscription "Cprivate" on the doors, and also a blue emblem of the Emergency Medical help "Star of life" on the windows, "the press service reports.

The KGB has noted that, according to objective control data, both times "Private" vehicles were accompanied by two EUMM patrol cars, which ensured the secret movement of the Georgian doctors to the state border line, their disguise, protection and departure in the opposite direction.

“So, in the first case, a white Nissan Patrol with green stripes on the sides and the inscription “Cprivate”, escorted by two EUMM vehicles, moved to the quarry area where the Georgian Interior Ministry post is located. Upon arrival, the vehicles were hidden in the area and, judging by the behavior of the EUMM officers, were preparing to meet with unidentified persons. Having realized that their whereabouts was detected by the RSO KGB Border Service. squads, the EU Observer Mission and Georgian doctors hurriedly left the border area. In the second case, the white Nissan Patrol is with the inscription "Cprivate", accompanied by two EUMM vehicles, moved up from the village of Chorchana to a height of 991.1. After arriving at the place, the EUMM officers organized surveillance of the site, and after 20 minutes they departed in the direction of the village of Kobe, "the message says.

According to the KGB, a public corporation Private (Privat) is a private medical company specializing in providing various medical services, receiving all types of tests, and also provides transportation of patients and biomaterials throughout Georgia.

. "Privat owns 100% of the shares of insurance Company Unison, which has been operating in the Georgian insurance market since 2011. The owner of the public corporation «Privat" and the «Insurance Company Unison" is Vasil Akhrakhadze. Since 2015, JSC "Privat" has been providing emergency medical services to MNEs in Georgia, " the special service notes.

According to the KGB, the appearance on the border of a Private cars, accompanied by the EUMM officers, is directly related to the Georgian side’s plans to collect biological samples in South Ossetia by illegally moving South Ossetian citizens across the state border line.

Due to the fact that the main external security threat is the possibility of transferring a dangerous infection to the territory of the Republic from Georgia, the KGB calls on the population of South Ossetia to remain vigilant, show civic awareness, comply with all instructions of the sanitary and epidemiological authorities, and also not give in to the proposals of the Georgian side to participate in any medical research.

The KGB has reminded that on May 20, 2020, the Republic of South Ossetia is paying tribute to the victims of the Zar execution, killed during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict of 1989-1992.

"The Zar tragedy is only one of the pages the policy of state terrorism and targeted destruction of the population of the Republic on ethnic groundsб, being adopted by the Georgian leadership in 1920, 1989-1992, as well as in 2004-2008, The combined actions of the Georgian radicals caused irreparable damage to South Ossetia. So, in 1920 more than 5 thousand people died from the actions of the punitive expedition of V. Dzhugeli, 50 thousand became refugees. In 1989-1992, about 2 thousand South Ossetians were killed by armed groups of Z. Gamsakhurdia and E. Shevarnadze, 3, 5 thousand people are wounded, 120 thousand became refugees, "the KGB states.

In 2004-2008 according to various sources, about 400 people, including victims of the blockade, terrorist attacks, shelling, as well as the Clean Field operation, were affected by the state terrorism policy, a statement launched by M. Saakashvili and V. Merabishvili.

"Until now, people involved in terrorist activities are hiding on the territory of Georgia, among which are both former employees of the Georgian special services and their agents who carried out undermining, bombings and adjusting fire. None of them was punished for those crimes committed against the people of South Ossetia, "the KGB said.

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