Address of the President of the Republic of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov to the nation in connection with the centennial of the Ossetian genocide


People of Ossetia! Brothers and sisters!
Today in Ossetia is the anniversary of mournful memory, the memory of one of the most tragic pages in the history of Ossetians - the genocide committed by Georgia in 1920. The victims of genocide then became tens of thousands of people - children, women, old people; South Ossetia lost a third of the Ossetian population.

The Ossetian genocide was prepared and carried out at the direct direction and under the leadership of the Georgian authorities. An entire nation was systematically destroyed in their native land. Georgian punishers indiscriminately were killing innocent people - children, old people, women - only for their belonging to the Ossetian nation. Those who managed to escape became witnesses of the inhuman cruelty of the punishers, the death of their loved ones, the complete ruin and devastation of the country.

The government of Georgia implemented a plan for the deportation of surviving Ossetians and organized plunder of South Ossetia. Participation in the crime of genocide was not limited to servicemen of the Georgian army and leaders of the Georgian state. An active and massive participation in the robberies was taken by the Georgian population of neighboring territories, who were resettled by the government on the Ossetian lands. The brutal massacre of South Ossetia caused the widest approval of the Georgian public.

After the Sovietization of Georgia, South Ossetia was forcibly included in its composition. Official propaganda, based on the concept of "proletarian internationalism", depicted the events of the Ossetian genocide as a struggle of the anti-people regime of the Georgian Democratic Republic against the Bolsheviks. Only a few of the participants in the massacre in South Ossetia were brought to justice, and all state archives were thoroughly cleaned from documentary evidence of the Ossetian genocide.

The lack of condemnation and impunity inspired the new Georgian leaders to continue the suppression of Ossetians, albeit in other forms, and after decades, led to the resumption of direct genocide, and again - with complete national unanimity. Twice - in 1989-1992 and in 2008, the extermination of the people of South Ossetia was stopped only thanks to the decisive intervention of the Russian Federation.
Georgian authorities continue to persist in their unwillingness to admit Georgia’s guilt for the Ossetian genocide. With their low cynicism, they insult the memory of the victims and the feelings of the living, hoping that little is known in the world today about the crime against humanity committed by Georgia a hundred years ago.

Georgia is making great efforts to prevent the spread of the truth about the Ossetian genocide, but it will not be able to erase the history of its crimes. Our people are grateful to every person of goodwill who has spoken the word of truth, to everyone who has witnessed for the sake of justice and raised his voice in recognition and condemnation of the Ossetian genocide. The facts of crimes committed by Georgia are becoming more widely known in the world. Sooner or later, but the international community will come to recognize and condemn the Ossetian genocide.

We intend to do everything possible so that as many people as possible around the world will learn about the crimes committed by Georgia against humanity. Justice awaits our people; justice requires the memory of every victim of the Ossetian genocide. And only through revealing the truth, through condemning every fact of genocide and restoring justice will it become possible to stop the escalation of such tragedies in the world and prevent future crimes against humanity.

For less than a hundred years, the people of South Ossetia suffered incredible suffering,terrible losses, but survived and won, retaining their national dignity, reconstituting and establishing their statehood. Our people defended their right with firm confidence to watch tomorrow, live with their heads raised and build for the sake of their beautiful Motherland, for the triumph of life on the Ossetian land. This is the inextricable link of generations, this is what man comes into the world for, this is what our memory expects from us.

Мой мир