The historian about the Ossetian genocide: any bad deed ends in retaliation

Sun, 21/06/2020 - 15:48

The genocide of 1920, carried out by Georgia, is one of the gravest crimes against the Ossetian people, head of the Department of history of Ossetia and Caucasian studies of the South Ossetia State University, Candidate of History, Professor Yuri Gagloty said in a comment to IA "RES".

“The whole tragedy of these events lies in the fact that the Georgian professional mobilized army with officers who had been trained in the Russian imperial army were practically fighting against the unarmed Ossetian people,” the historian said.

According to him, today the course of the leadership of the Republic is aimed at ensuring that as many countries as possible, mainly European, learn the truth about these events.

“For this, in my opinion, it is necessary to use all the stands,” said Gagloiy. - And in the current conditions, first of all, the Geneva discussions. At the same time, even if the famous Soviet diplomat Gromyko resurrects and becomes the head of our delegation, the discussions will not be able to end. In the near foreseeable future, one should not expect any positive steps from Georgia.”

The Professor added that he was surprised by the fact that at the Geneva discussions it was never officially announced that Ossetians live on their ancestral historical territory.

“This is not speculation, not fiction, this is a real fact. And this platform should be used as actively as possible, even under existing conditions,” said Gagloity.

The professor noted that the centenary of the Ossetian genocide, which the Republic is marking this year, is a very sad event.

“But any bad deed ends in retribution. In what form this will happen, let's see, I think our descendants will see it,” the historian concluded.

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