There are no new ones: South Ossetian Supervision Committee checked 28 tests for coronavirus - all are negative

Wed, 15/07/2020 - 11:38

Over the past day in South Ossetia no new cases of coronavirus infection have been detected, 52 people are under medical supervision, more than 20 have been quarantined and discharged from medical facilities, Deputy Head of the South Ossetian Supervision Committee Anna Gagloeva told IA “Res”.

Since May of this year, over 3 thousand tests for coronavirus have been carried out in the Republic. A total of 87 infected with coronavirus were detected, 85 of them recovered, two more are in the isolation ward of the Republican Medical Center.

“Since July 11, no new cases have been detected, 28 tests have been conducted, all are negative, the epidemiological situation is stable. To date, 39 citizens of the Republic who have returned from Russia through the consular department in North Ossetia, are in quarantine in South Ossetia, among them 9 workers of the “Southern Garden " who arrived in the Republic, 8 Russian builders are discharged and can start working, "she said.

In the coming days, is expected the arrival of another large group of citizens of the Republic through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Under quarantine zones in the Republic, are assigned the wards in the Republican Multidisciplinary Medical Center in Tskhinval, on the morning of Tuesday there are 10 people there, 20 in the district hospitals of the settlements of Dzau, Znaur and Leningor, as well as in the former maternity hospital and the hotel "Alan".

The Cabinet of Ministers of South Ossetia extended the ban on crossing the border with Russia until July 31. An exception is made only for trucks, for which a timetable for crossing the border is established, as well as for citizens of South Ossetia outside the Republic who can return to their homeland after applying to the South Ossetian Consulate in North Ossetia. Earlier, South Ossetian authorities completely closed the border with Georgia.

At the same time, restrictions on holding cultural events were lifted in the Republic, public places were opened, and kindergartens resumed their work on July 2.

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