"Sacred places of our memory": in South Ossetia was honored the memory of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland

Sat, 08/08/2020 - 15:24

The action "Sacred Places of Our Memory" took place in South Ossetia. Representatives of the Republic's leadership led by President Anatoly Bibilov, heads of the law enforcement agencies, servicemen laid flowers and wreaths at the monuments to heroes, the places where the defenders of the Fatherland perished during the war in August 2008.

Participants of the action paid tribute to the memory of Alan Aguzarov, Alan Bibilov, David Nartikoev, Lev kozayev, Azamat Dzhioev, Amiran Bagayev, Tamaz Pliev, Vladislav Gazzayev, Vilen Chibirov, Viktor Tadtayev, Inal Gazzayev, Alexey Ivanov, Akhsar Dzhioev, Alan Atayev, as well as riot police officers who died in August 2008.

The day before, the Republic also hosted commemorative events dedicated to the 12th anniversary of the August war: a thematic photo exhibition, the actions "Groans of a twisted heart" and "Candles are crying for people», commemorative event "Pages of Genocide".

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