Scientists of Ossetia will tell about the genocide on the pages of the APRYAL magazine

Mon, 10/08/2020 - 16:43

The Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (APRYAL YO) and the editorial board of the journal "Russian Word in South Ossetia" headed by Khansiat Kodalaeva are preparing the next issue of a specialized journal dedicated to the centenary of the genocide of the Ossetian people perpetrated by the Georgian authorities in 1920, President of he Association Zalina Tedeeva told the IA "Res".

“We could not ignore this most important political event in the life of our state - the centenary of the Ossetian genocide, so we decided to take part in these large thematic events held in the Republic and devote the next issue of the magazine to a tragic date for our people,” Tedeeva said.

She noted that "Russian Word in South Ossetia" is a scientific-methodical and social-literary journal, addressed primarily to teachers of the Russian language and literature as well as to a wide readership.

"Therefore, in this issue the main line of the journal is the topic of genocide. First of all, we want to highlight it from the point of view of historical science, to indicate what research on this topic is being carried out by our modern historians. The publication will include the latest research by outstanding scientists from the south and north of Ossetia. some of which were prepared especially for our publication. These are the works of the associate professors of the South-Ossetian State University Givi Gatikoev and Kosta Dzugaev, Candidate of History Kosta Pukhaev, Doctors of History Ruslan Bzarov and Ruslan Dzattiaty, "said the president of APRYAL.

According to her, the next issue of the magazine will also include articles and materials prepared by teachers of the Russian language and literature related to the topic of genocide.

"Teachers are discussing how to use this topic in the ideological and moral education of the younger generation, what methodological developments to perform, how to work with students on the painting" The Shooting of 13 Communards. "In addition, the magazine will include the works in which experts of the Russian language and literatures cite documentary facts about the genocide, because every family has a vivid memory of those events, and it is passed on from one generation to another, "Tedeeva emphasized.

She has added that the publication will also present materials about the conference dedicated to the genocide, which took place at the university at the beginning of the year, with the participation of the scientists from St. Petersburg and North Ossetia in a remote format, the work of the Association, its events in honor of the Day of Slavic Written Language and Culture, the birthday of Pushkin, the Great Victory.

“The best works of the contests, as well as the presidential competition on the topic of genocide will be published. I think the public will be interested to know how our young citizens think, what parents and teachers have put in their memory.

More and more publications appear in our magazine in the Ossetian language, poems by famous Ossetian poets. And this time the reader will see thematic poetic works of Gersan Kodalaev and Olga Chekhoyva. In addition, poems of young talents will be presented on the pages of the publication, "said the President of the Association.

Tedeeva has noted that the next issue of the magazine will also include documentary facts, materials of the eyewitnesses of the events of 2008 and 1989-1992.

"Speaking about the genocide, we mean not only the events that took place in 1920, but also in 1989-1992 and 2008. Therefore, about these periods of genocide, when the misanthropic face of the Georgian authorities was especially manifested, we must remember and always talk about them ", - said Tedeeva.

According to her, the presentation of the next issue of the magazine is planned to be held on the day of the proclamation of the Republic - September 20.

"Of course, the main topic of the planned release will be genocide. But, in our opinion, we should also talk about those striking main events that took place in our history. We want to say that genocide did not break us, did not subdue us, did not destroy contrary to the base plans of the Georgian authorities to turn South Ossetia into an "open field", we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic, we are building a peaceful life, educating the young generation, developing science, education, medicine and other spheres, and the Republic is making confident steps into the future, "the president of APRYAL added.

Tedeeva has stressed that following this publication; the next issue will also be dedicated to the genocide of the Ossetian people. This topic, she believes, should be heard more often, both inside the Republic and outside it.

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