Our people would not have chosen any other path than the path of freedom", - Anatoly Bibilov

Sun, 20/09/2020 - 21:25

September 20, 1990 was a turning point in the history of South Ossetia, said President of the Republic Anatoly Bibilov.

"On that day, the XIV session of the South Ossetian Regional Council of People's Deputies adopted a Resolution on the transformation of the South Ossetian Autonomous Region into the Republic and a Declaration of Sovereignty, creating the legal foundation of South Ossetia's statehood ...", - said the head of state, speaking at the public meeting on Sunday ...

According to him, the obscurantism of nationalism has struck the mass consciousness of practically the entire Georgian society. "The nationalists, drugged by propaganda, tried to assert their own exclusivity through violence against other peoples," he reminded.

The President has noted that all actions of South Ossetia were carried out within the framework of the legislation of the USSR in force at that time and the fundamental right of nations and peoples to self-determination.

"Having embarked on the path of resistance and struggle for its rights, South Ossetia suffered heavy losses during the wars of 1989-1992, 2004 and 2008. Wounded, maimed, killed, missing - several thousand Ossetians became the victims of war and ethnic cleansing", - said the head of state.

As a result of the Georgian aggression, he continued, practically the entire economy and infrastructure of South Ossetia was destroyed.

"South Ossetia would not have been able to stand alone in the war and rise from the ruins without fraternal help. For many years our people relied on the help of Russia. Russia put an end to the Georgian aggression in June 1992 and in August 2004. From July 1992 to August 2008, Russian peacekeepers were standing guard over peace in South Ossetia, who stood in the way of the aggressor in the tragic days of August 2008. Russian troops came to the aid of South Ossetia in August 2008, repelling and forcing the aggressor to peace, "Bibilov said.

He has stressed that it was Russia that became the first UN member state to recognize the state independence of South Ossetia.

"Thanks to the enormous multifaceted assistance of Russia, South Ossetia is successfully solving the problems of socio-economic development. The key role in ensuring the security of our borders and peace on our land belongs to the 4th military base of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia. Again and again we say - "Thank you, Russia!",And in these two words there is a huge range of the most sincere and strong feelings of gratitude, love and faith, "the President noted.

Three decades later, the head of state continued, let us ask ourselves - did South Ossetia have a different path - the ability to preserve its people, abandoning freedom, its identity, self-determination, and its own statehood?

"The best answer is the picture presented today in the former Ossetian settlements in Borjomi, Kazbegi, Dusheti and other regions of Georgia," the President of South Ossetia said.

According to him, hardly anyone thought that all this would last for many years and no one could imagine what the price of freedom and independence of the Fatherland would be.

"However, even knowing the future in advance, all that is to be endured, under no circumstances would have our people chosen another path than the path of freedom. We honor and pay tribute to those who showed wisdom and courage, who laid the foundations of our statehood, created the Republic, to those who defended the freedom of the Fatherland with arms in hand. On this solemn day we remember those who should have rightfully shared today's celebration with us, but did not live to see the wonderful holiday of recognition and victory, "Bibilov said.

Those present honored with a minute of silence the memory of the soldiers who died with arms in their hands, defending their Fatherland, the civilians of the Republic and all those who contributed to the creation of the Republic, but did not live to this day.

"30 years of the history of the Republic contained many events. The experience of our statehood, sometimes, even at the cost of mistakes, is invaluable ... The people of South Ossetia have repeatedly clearly demonstrated their adherence to law, legality, and the viability of their statehood," the President said.

The solemn meeting was attended by the first and third presidents of South Ossetia, Ludvig Chibirov and Leonid Tibilov, deputies of the Parliament of the first convocation, guests of the Republic. The congratulatory addresses of Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania, heads of the DPR and LPR Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik, and other leaders of friendly republics were read out.

Ludwig Chibirov has noted in his speech that South Ossetia is developing and becoming more and more beautiful every year.

“The Russian Federation has been providing all kinds of assistance to the Republic for many years. Our Republic is 30 years old, how quickly time passes ... ", - he noted.

Chibirov has noted that during the years of the struggle for independence, the Republic did not stand in one place, "until 2008 there was a struggle for freedom, this year has become significant on the calendar."

“Two historical events can be distinguished, the first - at the end of the 18th century, when Russia extended a helping hand to us, the second event - in 2008, when Russia helped to find peace and recognized the independence of South Ossetia,” the politician said, stressing that “August 26 2008 will remain the most significant day in his life and in the recent history of the Republic."

The festive events on Sunday continued at the State Drama Theater of South Ossetia, where a solemn meeting with the participation of public and political figures and a festive concert is being held in honor of the Republic Day. Delegations from Russia, Abkhazia, LPR and DPR, from North Ossetia arrived in Tskhinval to celebrations.

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