(+) 24: in South Ossetia, there is a significant increase in the incidence of coronavirus, five people have recovered

Thu, 15/10/2020 - 11:24

During a day In South Ossetia, 81 people have been tested for COVID-19, of which 24 tests showed a positive result, an increase in the incidence of coronavirus has been observed for several days in a row the Republic's chief sanitary doctor Marina Kochieva told IA "Res" on Thursday

"Another 24 people confirmed the coronavirus, in a day. In total, since the day the restrictions on the border with the Russian Federation were lifted (September 15), 107 citizens fell ill, 5 of them recovered," she said.

According to Kochieva, over the entire period of the pandemic on the morning of October 15, 197 cases of coronavirus were registered.

Since April of this year, 5,875 tests for COVID-19 have been carried out in the laboratory of the South Ossetian Consumer Supervision Committee.

The chief sanitary doctor strongly recommends that everyone observe the mask regime: in transport and retail outlets, as well as in offices where employees do not consider it important to wear masks. "This will be extremely important given the growing numbers," Kochieva said.

The head of the South Ossetian Consumer Supervision Committee has noted the rather high responsibility of the citizens themselves.

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