Military Field Hospital has been deployed in Tskhinval on October 28

Wed, 28/10/2020 - 10:56

The military field multidisciplinary hospital of the Russian Defense Ministry arrived in South Ossetia. The hospital will be located at the G. Tskhovrebov Republican stadium. in Tskhinval. The column covered a distance of 1900 km. from Alabino near Moscow. The deployment of the mobile hospital will begin early in the morning of October 28.

The lieutenant colonel of the medical service, a head of the mobile hospital Rasul Murtazaliev has noted in a commentary to the South Ossetian media is ready to perform its intended tasks in terms of staffing and equipment

"The column made a 1,900 km March and arrived in Tskhinval. They arrived from Naro-Fominsk with the first Taman army of the Western military district. In terms of equipment and staffing, the hospital is ready to work according to its intended purpose and fulfill its tasks. There are also enough doctors to complete the task. I think we will need two nights and one day to deploy the hospital, and perhaps tomorrow or the day after tomorrow we will be ready to receive the first patients," Murtazaliev said.

He has noted that doctors will conduct as many tests as necessary.

"We will test as many patients as there are requests in a day," he said.

A military field multidisciplinary hospital for 150 beds is being deployed in Tskhinval at the request of the leadership of South Ossetia. The unit consists of up to 150 military personnel, special medical equipment for carrying out medical and diagnostic measures: artificial lung ventilation devices, monitors for intensive observation of patients, X-ray machines, etc.

Rooms have been prepared in the stadium building to accommodate the hospital staff.

Military doctors in South Ossetia will provide assistance to patients with COVID-19.

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