The most important thing is to save people's lives: for this, all branches of government must make every effort

Mon, 09/11/2020 - 15:36

An extremely difficult situation has recently developed in South Ossetia due to the spread of coronavirus infection. The total number of infected has exceeded a thousand people, and the situation continues to deteriorate. Most of the sick are treated on an outpatient basis. Only the most seriously ill are in hospitals.

In response to the request of the Republic of South Ossetia, the Russian Federation sent its military hospital here; in addition, doctors from St. Petersburg and Voronezh arrived to help their South Ossetian colleagues.

In these circumstances, urgent measures are needed in various areas, including legislative ones, as well as clear and well-coordinated work of all branches of government, state administration bodies, ministries and departments, and all government departments. However, unfortunately, some of the deputies who have taken the course of an irreconcilable confrontation with the President of the Republic question the legitimacy of the Cabinet of Ministers.

At the same time, they refer to a number of normative legal acts that were adopted in completely different historical circumstances, and did not take into account the fact that the Republic could be overwhelmed by a global pandemic, which would lead to an extreme and emergency situation requiring decisive steps without looking at the formal requirements of the insolvent in the new conditions of acts that do not meet the requirements of today.

The most important thing today is to save lives. For this, all branches of government must make every effort, all their political will and intellectual potential. We must work, and not look for reasons to stay away from the struggle against the disaster that befell South Ossetia.

Thus, the statements about the alleged illegitimacy of the government of the Republic, disseminated by part of the parliamentary corps, are provocative, designed to complicate and slow down the measures taken in the fight against coronavirus, in the fight to save lives.

One can also often hear accusations against the leadership of the Republic, which, allegedly, was not prepared for a pandemic.

However, are such accusations justified in relation to South Ossetia, if the largest and richest countries in America, Europe and Asia were taken by surprise by it?

Recently, the South Ossetian Parliament received a bill from the government on amending the law on the State Budget for 2020.

Amendments to the state budget are needed in order to allocate more than 61 million rubles for the fight against coronavirus - for the purchase of medicines and other things. The deputies have ten days for this, during which they have the opportunity to study it.

Laws should serve people, not a brake on their salvation. If a quorum is gathered, the draft law will be submitted to a session of Parliament, respectively, the funds will go to the needs of hospitals in a difficult situation, and those who are forced to work there around the clock, and they are not interested in political bargaining, for them victory is every saved life.

Maria Tedeeva for IA "Res"
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