10 patients were discharged from the "red zone" of the RMMC in South Ossetia, another 10 were admitted to the hospital

Sun, 22/11/2020 - 10:03

In the Republican multidisciplinary medical center (RMMC) of South Ossetia in the "red zone" as of the morning, November 21, there are 155 people, the chief infectious disease specialist of the Republic Eleonora Dzhioeva told IA "RES ".

" To date, in the infectious building of the RMMTS, there are being treated 43 patients, in the children's hospital – 112. There are seven people in the intensive care unit. Over the past day, 10 more people were admitted, 10 patients were discharged from the hospital for outpatient treatment, " the doctor said.

According to Dzhioeva, the admission and triage department of the RMMC on Friday admitted 108 patients, of whom seven were hospitalized.

"50 patients were tested at the receiving and sorting center, 9 people received referrals for a chest CT scan," the chief infectious diseases specialist said.

Dzhioeva has added, that over the past day, mobile teams have tested 6 patients at home.

The chief infectious disease specialist of the Republic appealed to the population to observe all preventive measures to counteract the spread of a new coronavirus infection.

"Patients who are discharged for further treatment on an outpatient basis must strictly follow the received prescriptions and recommendations of the attending physician. This involves observing a therapeutic and protective regime, taking medications in order to continue therapy. Patients are also required to observe a self-isolation regime for at least two weeks, and these recommendations must be strictly followed, " the chief infectious diseases specialist of the Republic noted.

We kindly request our fellow citizens to carry means of protection, use of disinfectants, to avoid unnecessary contact and stay in crowded places, - said Dzhioeva.

"And also understand the prohibition to transfer to the" red zone " Covid patients anything other than drinking water, fruit and personal hygiene products at a strictly designated time. The meals of patients is under control and meets the standards of the medical institution, " the doctor added.

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