The words of the Georgian diplomat are intended for the international community, which "feeds" on one-sided information, - Medoev

Tue, 12/01/2021 - 19:18

The “red line” has long been drawn in the minds of Georgian politicians by Georgia’s “European and non-European partners”, said Acting. Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia Dmitry Medoev, commenting on the recent statement of the Georgian diplomat on the delimitation and demarcation of the state border with the Russian Federation.

Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani has recently said that Tbilisi is categorically against the delimitation of the border between Russia and Georgia as long as Moscow recognizes the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia: the "red line" in the normalization of relations with Russia is on the recognition of our territorial integrity. " Tbilisi has also noted that it is committed to " resolve conflicts peacefully, without using force."

According to Medoev, it is quite obvious that "overseas curators will not allow Georgia to establish itself as a real sovereign state - this is not in their interests. This is the real problem that has haunted the neighboring state for the past 30 years ...".

"The independence of South Ossetia and strategic partnership with Russia are an irreversible reality. As for Zalkaliani's absurd statement about the allegedly assumed obligations on Georgia to" resolve conflicts peacefully, without using force "- this is the height of cynicism, which is not the first time that Georgian politicians have demonstrated." noted Acting. Minister in the commentary to the newspaper "South Ossetia".

The words of the Georgian diplomat, according to the Acting South Ossetian Foreign Minister, are intended for the international community, "which" feeds on "one-sided information skillfully supplied by Georgia."

"And here it is important to remind that at the 51 rounds of the Geneva discussions the main issue raised by the South Ossetian party, is the signing of a non-aggression memorandum by Georgia. However, for so many years Georgia is not ready to sign this document," he reminded.

Medoev called Zalkaliani's statements incorrect and depressing.

"Such appeals to Russia are not only completely incorrect, but against the background of Georgia's own refusal to sign a binding document on the non-use of force and non-resumption of hostilities against South Ossetia, they look depressing, especially against the background of militarization, the acquisition of combat drones and other new systems of modern warfare ", - stated Dmitry Medoev.

It should be reminded that on January 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed Mikhail Petrakov as his special representative for the delimitation of borders with the CIS countries. He is also charged with the issues of border delimitation with Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

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