23 patients with COVID-19 are being treated in the "red zone" of the medical center of South Ossetia

Sun, 21/02/2021 - 12:42

The COVID-19 zone in the children's hospital is closed, the hospital has switched to normal operation

As of the morning of February 20, 23 patients with COVID-19 are being treated in the "red zone" of the infectious building of the Republican Multidisciplinary Medical Center (RMMC) of South Ossetia.

Svetlana Bekoeva, Deputy Chief Physician for clinical and expert work, reported this to IA "Res" on Saturday.

"Over the past day, two patients were admitted to the" red zone "of the hospital. The COVID-19 zone, which was opened on the basis of the children's hospital during the pandemic to treat patients with COVID-19, was closed, the patients were discharged," Bekoeva said.

She has noted, that 12 patients were examined in the admission and triage department on Friday, no hospitalized.

"31 people were tested in the admission and triage department. Two people were referred for computed tomography of the chest," the doctor said.

Bekoyeva has added, the mobile teams examined five people at home.

The number of detected cases of coronavirus in South Ossetia increased by 7 in a day and reached 3008. 82 tests were carried out in the Republic in a day, of which 7 more cases of coronavirus were confirmed. 12 were removed from the register, 2129 patients were discharged in total. 879 people remain under medical supervision.

In total, 17,938 tests were carried out during the coronavirus pandemic, more than 70 people died.

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