Solemn formation, congratulations and awards: Ministry of Defense of South Ossetia is celebrating two holidays

Tue, 23/02/2021 - 17:54

The ceremonial formation of servicemen, timed to coincide with the Defender of the Fatherland Day and the 28th anniversary of the formation of the defense department, was held on the parade ground of the Ministry of Defense of South Ossetia.

The General Director of the Charitable Foundation "Under the Protection of the Mother of God" Yevgeny Korolev handed over the relics of St. George the Victorious to the Supreme Commander. Priest Father Sergiy read prayers before the event, and then sprinkled holy water on the soldiers of the Ministry of Defense and all those present.

Serving the Fatherland

The anthem of South Ossetia was played, Ibragim Gasseev addressed the soldiers. According to him, the recent history of the Republic of South Ossetia is a continuous confrontation with a merciless and insidious enemy, it is a great mission of defending the Fatherland in the name of freedom and independence.

The head of the defense department made a small excursion into the recent history of the formation of the department. At the solemn formation, there are people who stood at the origins of the national army and made a significant contribution to the formation of military units, who by personal example inspired young defenders to faithfully serve the Fatherland.

The presentation of the Battle Banner in the history of the Zelim Muldarov Special Forces Battalion is an assessment of the courage and heroism, valor and glory shown by the battalion's fighters in all wars, in repelling Georgian aggression and military traditions.

“Today the armed forces of South Ossetia continue to guard the peace and security of the state. The personnel are successfully mastering weapons and military equipment, improving their combat skills, carrying out combat duty, reliably ensuring the protection of national interests. The top leadership of the republic and personally Anatoly Bibilov created all the conditions for the progressive and dynamic development of the army, the authority and conditions for military service, the level of social protection of servicemen are growing. Soldiers and officers have all-round support from the state and society,” he stressed.

Gasseev has noted, there is active cooperation and interaction with Russian colleagues, as well as the armies of other friendly states, the issue of equipping the national army with weapons, military equipment, etc. is being successfully resolved.

“An agreement has been signed between Russia and South Ossetia on the procedure for calculating the length of service for the appointment of a monthly bonus for the length of service for military servicemen under contract, and for the establishment of the amount of the monthly bonus for the length of service when calculating the pension to persons dismissed from military service. The next step is to sign an agreement on a step-by-step increase in pay and other social payments for servicemen of the Republic of South Ossetia, ”said the acting the head of the defense department.

Gasseev assured that the republic realizes the importance of the tasks facing the armed forces of South Ossetia and will do everything for the peaceful and calm development of the state.

“The army is a school of courage and honor, the army has always been and will be an army-creator, an army-guarantor of peace and security,” he said and wished the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, military operations and military service, good health, good spirits and prosperity, and Armed Forces - further success in service.

Showed courage and heroism

Head of state Anatoly Bibilov has noted that the desire to defend the Motherland is above all. “We have always followed the example of veterans, not only of the armed forces, but also of the militias who defended the Motherland from 1989 to 1991 and gave their lives for the independence of our republic. Many of them were not even 16 years old, but they showed courage and heroism,” the President noted.

According to him, today service in the Armed Forces has been raised to a high level, which is also facilitated by interaction with Russian colleagues, and we are confident that South Ossetia is protected, will prosper and move forward. The President expressed confidence that service is an honor and pride for every serviceman.

“I wish you health, good spirits and desire to serve for the good of the South Ossetian people,” the President addressed the heroes of the occasion.

Anatoly Bibilov awarded the next military ranks to Major General Vadim Siukaev and Alexander Pegishev. And a number of servicemen were awarded orders and medals.

Commander of the 58th Army Mikhail Zusko also congratulated the South Ossetian servicemen. According to him, for 28 years, the armed forces of South Ossetia, in cooperation with their Russian colleagues, were able to win and defend the independence of the Republic.

“I would like to wish this victory to remain in history as the main and only one, and no one else dared to move the borders of the Republic of South Ossetia under any pretext,” he said.

At the ceremonial formation, the order of the Minister of Defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu was read out, according to which medals "For Strengthening the Combat Commonwealth" were awarded to some military personnel of the Defense Ministry, including the journalist, Captain Inga Chekhoyeva.

First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Abkhazia Beslan Tsvizhba, who arrived at the celebrations in Tskhinval, read out the welcoming address of the head of the RA Defense Department, Vladimir Anua.

“The task of creating the RSO MO was solved in a difficult period, and as a result it was one of the most difficult and responsible, which had to be solved by the government of the young republic. Our peoples will always with gratitude preserve the memory and feat of Ossetian soldiers - defenders of the Fatherland, who gave their lives for freedom and independence, ”Tsvizhba said.

The Deputy Minister of Defense of Abkhazia presented departmental awards to the servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of South Ossetia, and also read out a welcoming address on behalf of the Minister of Defense of Abkhazia Vladimir Anua.

The event ended with a ceremonial march by the servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of South Ossetia.

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