They were honestly pulling a soldier's strap: participants in a rally in Tskhinval about the Afghans

A rally dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the withdrawal of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan was held in Tskhinval in front of a monument to internationalist soldiers in the Bam microdistrict. Participants in the event laid flowers and wreaths at the memorial, honoring the memory of the Afghans who did not return from the battlefield.

Murat Guchmazov, a Chairman of the Union of Afghanistan Veterans, noted that "the Afghan war lasted for almost 10 years, through which more than 620 thousand soldiers and officers went through, of which 15 thousand did not return home."

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Uastirdzhi – a patron Saint of working people

A note from the Vladikavkaz newspaper "Kermen", No. 27, August 21, 1920. Published in translation from the Ossetian original.

One can’t count all the atrocities committed by the rulers of Georgia, attacking the South Ossetians. Nothing was missed from the crimes that occur on earth. Everything was tried on the unfortunate Ossetian people, even the churches were destroyed and burned.

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Excerpts from the article in the newspaper “Struggle” About the Dzhava Congress of Representatives of South Ossetia

Returning from the South Ossetian congress (Menshevik) Ramishvili shared his impressions.

May 27 morning with comrade Gagloev, representative of the Ossetian National Council, I went to the congress of representatives of the Ossetian people of Transcaucasia.

In Gori, we arranged a brief exchange of views with representatives of a local organization ...

Then we went to the village of Dzhava-to the place of the congress. Other delegates from Tiflis also came with us ... We had to spend the night in Tskhinval.

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They were chosen by time: on February 14, 1992, was created the riot police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of South Ossetia

On February 14, 1992, a special police detachment was created in the war-torn South Ossetia. To be more precise, the detachment began to be formed several months before the date that entered the history of the Ossetian statehood. At that time, the entire law enforcement system in South Ossetia was in a difficult situation: the militia began to be disarmed, starting in 1991. The Soviet Union still existed, a system of linear subordination of bodies "union center - republican - autonomous region - city" was built with an unshakable rule of subordination to orders.

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Resolution of the Transcaucasian government on renaming the township of Tskhinval into a city with the introduction of a town status

Having heard the report of the Interior Minister on the question of transforming the township of Tskhinval, Gori district, Tiflis province, into a town with the introduction of a town status , and sharing the opinion of the Minister of Internal Affairs on this subject presented in the report, the Transcaucasian government recognized the need to satisfy the petition of residents of Tskhinval.

II. Transform the township of Tskhinval into a town with the introduction of a town status on the following grounds.