Boris Chochiev: "The intention was simple, the Georgian side wants the SO law enforcement bodies to respond to provocations"

Sat, 14/02/2009 - 10:40

"It is not by chance that the Georgian side has been recently organizing various provocations", stated the RSO President"s Plenipotentiary for Post-conflict Settlement Boris Chochiev.
"We have learned Georgia"s provocative methods through these years and these provocations always happen right before some important meetings", said Chochiev.
"We believe that Geneva talks are extremely important. We will be adopting the finalized mechanism for incident prevention. And it is clear, that this mechanism should have been agreed before to be able to rapidly react to these provocations. Nonetheless, at the last meeting, the Georgian side had forwarded conditions that appeared unacceptable for us and that is why this prevention mechanism had not been agreed", he noted.
Boris Chochiev expressed his hope that the upcoming meeting would be more fruitful. "The intention was simple – the Georgian side wants the SO law enforcement bodies to respond to these provocations. They want us to open a fire in response which would be recorded by EU observers working on the territory of Georgia adjacent to the borders of our state. This would then become a subject for discussion at Geneva talks". "Within the frames of the agreements between the Presidents of Russia and France, the EU observers are monitoring the territory of Georgia adjacent to South Ossetia, and they have begun actively discussing the possibility to monitor the territory of South Ossetia. We cannot accept this and there is no such a necessity, since the threat comes from Georgia and thus, let EU monitor implement their mandate there", underlined Chochiev.
"The fact that the EU monitors do not respond to the events in their area of responsibility gives us the grounds to state that either they do not want to or cannot fully implement their obligations. We should also bear in mind that some of the EU member states had provided Georgia with weapons and they still continue to do so."

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