В Цхинвале находится делегация ЦИК России

Mon, 27/04/2009 - 19:12

A delegation of the RF Central Election Commission arrived in South Ossetia with a working visit headed by the Public Chamber of the RF, Chairman of the Foundation "Free elections". Andrei Przhezdomski. The delegation was received by the RSO President Eduard Kokoity.
Eduard Kokoity expressed his gratitude for active reaction and support in organizing parliament elections in RSO. "It is necessary to discuss with the RSO Central Election Commission, heads of administrations and ministries what is still needed and what assistance might be provided to settle the existing problems. We have not much time left and we should carry out our elections at high level taking into consideration new technical means to be used for press-coverage. A special press-center will be established to ensure coordinated flow of information", said Kokoity.
According to the head of delegation, the purpose of the visit is to "assist colleagues, to support them and share experience".
"We understand that there is not much time left before the election day, therefore we should do our best to do whatever possible in the days remaining. The election should be adequate, interesting for the electorate to get a positive public feed-back not only in South Ossetia, but also in Russia and abroad. The world community should see that there is a democratic election process ongoing in South Ossetia, and that everything is done in the spirit of international election standards. And that everything possible after the tragic events was done to continue further development. We will have a realistic approach as to our tasks in order to complete things which are possible through this period," said Andrei Przhezdomski.
"There are several problematic issues which we came with. We need to discuss them and elaborate a common position in this regard. One of these issues is the voting process, which has its specificities here. We have to understand them and propose more rapid and effective working methods. We should also discuss technical methods of submission, processing and counting of the information; this plays a crucial role in elections. Trustworthy results in elections stem from the quality and precision of information. We are alos ready to train the election staff, to assist them to do everything smoothly and precisely. Another important issue is how the elections are covered by press, that the electorate perception is and how the information is then disseminated. In this sense, we will help organizing an informational press-center", stressed Przhezdomski.
"I assume, international observation will be also in place. We would like to see people who would come without a priori negative perceptions, but those who would like to see an objective picture, the way the election system is developing here, as well as the voting process itself. In this regard, we are ready to support and bring here representatives of independent agencies, which would be ready to work here without any dirty tricks. It is crucially important that these peoples' opinion is not lost among the common choir voices, but would actively sound. Then, the evaluation to the elections and the level of public legitimization will be higher", he stressed in conclusion.
In his turn, Eduard Kokoity expressed readiness to provide maximum support to their work and tasked heads of administrations to work in close cooperation with the RF representatives.

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