Program for Repatriation, Refugees and Displaced Persons adopted in South Ossetia

Mon, 22/06/2009 - 14:09

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of South Ossetia elaborated the State Program on repatriation, refugee and displaced persons. The Program was adopted at the RSO Government Presidium.
As the Health Minister Nugzar Gabaraev noted, the number of refugees from Georgia in South Ossetia is currently 4,500 persons, in North Ossetia this number reaches more than 13,000 persons.
“The program for resettlement of these families should envisage all kinds of assistance. There is also a possibility to engage international agencies. All those who could be a part to this program require the unconditional participation of South Ossetia”, said Gabaraev.
“This Program aims at promoting voluntary return of compatriots living in other states and social and economic adaptation of refugees and displaced persons from the Georgian aggression on the territory of South Ossetia”, explained the Minister.
According to him, it is necessary to take into account the fact that with a successful start of this Program, the number of ethnic Ossetian refugees from Georgia will drastically increase.
“This will have a major effect on the demographic situation in the Republic of South Ossetia”, underline Gabaraev.

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