South Ossetia is not a part of Georgia and never will be

Sat, 01/08/2009 - 19:13

The Government of South Ossetia reminds the world that Georgia initiated a brutal aggression against our country, only a year ago, targeting civilian homes, schools, factories, and cultural assets. That tragic war began with asymmetrical terrorist attacks similar to the ones Georgia has launched on our territory in the past few days. Such behavior was abhorrent a year ago, and remains so now. Accordingly, South Ossetia welcomes today’s commitment of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation to defend South Ossetian citizens against further Georgian treachery.

South Ossetia has no reason to provoke Georgia. We are working to build a free and independent country with productive relationships with our neighbors. Our democratically elected government represents a population proud of its heritage and optimistic about its future. Georgia and its allies need to accept that South Ossetia is not a part of Georgia and never will be. Georgia itself has always cherished its own independence, and it is hypocritical for its Government not acknowledges that others share the same desire for freedom. The best solution is for Georgia to sign and honor a non-violence agreement with us so that we can all move forward out of the shadow of war and destruction.

Irina Gagloeva, Minister for press and mass communication of RSO

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