Vadim Brovtsev: New staffing policy in South Ossetia is oriented at young specialists

Mon, 07/09/2009 - 10:03

Recently, the Chairman of the RSO Government Badim Brovtsev held a session on new staffing policy in South Ossetia. The session was attended by the executive staff of the Government. During this session, the Prime-Minister underlined that it was necessary to reorient the staffing policy to young specialists. Eleonora Bedoev, the acting Minister for Youth, Sports and Tourism commented on this decision of the new Government: “For 18 year, the young people were fighting for freedom with arms in their hands. The youth played a significant role in the struggle for recognized independence of the Republic of South Ossetia. Today, the new leadership of South Ossetia stakes on youth and I am sure that this youth will justify this trust and will build up the ruined state.

The younger generation has new thinking: many of them received education in Russian high schools, and this is very important for integration processes between our states. Energy, constructiveness in thinking, inner freedom, progressive attitudes of the young people will lead our republic to a higher level, both in economic and political spheres”.
During the session, Vadim Brovtsev, the Prime-minister, had tasked the head of personnel unit Irina Gagloeva to favor promotion of young specialists to key positions in the Government structures.
Irina Gagloev informed that in accordance with the decision of Prime-Minister a wide-scope work was conducted to engage young specialists in executive positions. The new CVs received are considered with an account to the new staffing policy proposed by the Prime-Minister.

Press-service of the RSO Government Chairman

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