Zamira Dzhioeva: The world community has not reacted to our tragedy

Fri, 18/05/2012 - 16:39

The Zar tragedy of May 20, 1992. The witnesses' memories.

Zamira Dzhioeva, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of South Ossetia:

The Zar tragedy of 1992 cannot be explained. Defenseless children, women and the old people were killedthat day. Could a normal person do so? And one has got upon the idea that they were monsters, because they had not spared even babies.

The world community, which promotes democracy, justice and indicates development of the civil society, where people's rights are protected, - has not heard of our tragedy. It did not react to our cries and our pain, as a result of which the ringleaders have not been convicted and for several years our people were being brutally exterminated. If the world community had reacted, warned and condemned those crimes, perhaps, such atrocities would have not been repeated in August 2008. But, unfortunately, it happened again. Then, Russia in the person of Medvedev and Putin came to our rescue. Moreover, during the long and stubborn struggle it was proved that the Ossetians were not guilty of anything. It is impossible to explain the aggression against the people who just want to live on their small earth, rich by history and its traditions.

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