Jana Amelina: Meetings with the Georgian "experts" – is a demonstration of the national weakness of Russia and Ossetia

Wed, 20/02/2013 - 20:27

The visit of the Georgian experts delegation to Vladikavkaz – is a new stage of the so-called
"Involvement without recognition" and the North Caucasus policy of Georgia initially doomed to failure. This has been said by the Chief of the Caucasus Studies of the Russian Institute of Strategic Research Jana Amelina in an interview to IA "Res", commenting on the meetings of representatives of the Georgian non-governmental organizations with the North Ossetian students and social activists being held in Vladikavkaz.

"The statements of the Georgian NGO representatives are aimed at lulling the vigilance of the Russian public to gradually bring it to changing the position on the Russian-Georgian relations. The guests from Georgia have condemned Saakashvili`s regime, as if the claims to Tbilisi are limited to the 2008 war. There is no reason to doubt the sincerity of the Georgian experts – who, being in their right mind will support the actions of Mr. Mishiko? "- said Amelina.
However, in her view, there is a small problem, even two, "First, the guests of Vladikavkaz are representing only themselves, and to assume that their position is shared by the Georgian society and the more, by the power structures, is more than doubtful. And they do not have proper authorization. Second, despite the claims of the guests that the new Georgian authorities allegedly are ready to revise the former policy against Ossetia, there is no reason to believe them. Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili (not to mention the head of state Mikhail Saakashvili) keeps repeating that the course of Georgia's Euro-Atlantic integration and ''restoration of the territorial integrity'' remains the same. "
According to the expert, these positions are shared by the majority of the population of Georgia and what kind of revising the positions could take placein this state of affairs?
"Thus, the Georgian experts try to pass the desirable for reality. This makes such meetings pointless - Tbilisi's position is well aware of, and the opinion of some experts, with all due respect to them, is just their personal opinion, which does not affect the government decision-making. No wonder that, the arrival of Georgians in Vladikavkaz, to put it mildly, has not inspired any expert or any media representative, "- stressed Amelina.
February 21 a similar meeting with the Georgian experts will be held in Makhachkala.
"It turns out that Georgia has not abandoned to pursue the North Caucasus policy ( which, it should be noted, is purely anti-Russian and aimed at the secession of the North Caucasus from the Russian Federation ), but it has only reformatted its approaches. We must pay tribute to the political flexibility of Tbilisi:if they have failed to seize the region '' by force,'' they will use human technologies "- said Amelina.
The real dialogue with Georgia, in her view, can take place only after the active repentance of Georgians and full renewal of the middle and higher echelons of the Georgian state machine.
"Nothing is taking place so far and I, think, will not take place in the near future. So, ''the expert meetings '' will be at best milling the wind and at worst - a demonstration of the inappropriate forgiveness to all, the state and national weakness of Russia and Ossetia, "- concluded Amelina.

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