Medoev: the key moments of Georgia’s foreign policy do not change with the change of presidents

Fri, 02/11/2018 - 18:42

Elections in neighboring Georgia are internal affair of the Georgian state; this has nothing to do with South Ossetia, said Dmitry Medoev, Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia, answering journalists' questions about how he assesses the results of the first round of presidential elections in the neighboring republic.

“However, we are closely watching the election campaign in Georgia, because the security of our state directly depends on the political processes taking place there,” said Medoev. “I can only note that it is not necessary to wait for any changes in the Georgian policy towards South Ossetia, whatever the outcome of the elections in Georgia.”

According to the Foreign Minister of South Ossetia, the change of presidents does not change the key points of the Georgian foreign policy.

“The pre-election debates of numerous candidates has clearly demonstrated that anti-Russian and anti-Ossetian propaganda is gaining momentum in Georgia, the theme of “the Russian occupation” is the most popular for voters, it is exploited by all candidates without exception. Therefore, the talk about changing the course of Georgia towards Russia and South Ossetia is a fiction, they are purely declarative in nature,” the South Ossetian diplomat concluded.

Medoev has noted that the thirst for revenge for the defeat in 2008 in Tbilisi has also not disappeared.

“After any outcome of the elections, Georgia’s foreign policy will not change, as it is controlled by “western friends” of Georgia, it will remain in the sphere of their interests,” the Foreign Minister of South Ossetia stressed.

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