Fri, 17/11/2006 - 15:22

In the Georgian villages temporarily not controlled by the authorities of the Republic of South Ossetia were announced the final results of the so called alternative presidential elections. “President of Lower Ossetia”, as the RSO is called by the Georgian authorities, became former Prime-Minister of Chibirov’s Government Dimitry Sanakoev. The predecessor of the current RSO President had pro-Georgian orientation and as well as his confederates had nothing against joining Georgia. Their harmony was based on tight commercial contacts with state and commercial companies of Georgia. The Ministry of defense that was for some time headed by Dimitry Sanakoev was like an office of a commercial organization where least of all were worried about the defensive capacity and were mainly worried about transportation of fuel and other marketable goods. At that time being disposed to gambling Sanakoev was losing his and state owned money becoming in he end an insolvent. Being used to not refusing anything to himself Sanakoev was suffering from lack of money and therefore could not reject the offer of Georgian Special Services. There are no doubts that the “alternative” elections in Eredvi were organized by the Georgian Special Services. Controlling the territory where alternative elecions were organized the authorities could easily prevent them from happening.
State Minister for Coflict Resolutions Merab Antadzed declared that Georgian Government does not recognize elections neither in RSO no in Eredvi. Considering that Saakashvili is always looking for an excuse to start military activities against the RSO, there are no doubts that the alternative President is needed for specific reasons. Village Eredvi is located close to Ossetian villages and information about the plans of the “leadership of Lower Ossetia” leaked to the Ossetian side. It is know that around Sanakoev is organized a military formation of ethnic Ossetians and Chechen-Kists. As soon as the “army” is ready it will start military activities against the RSO. Of course the troop will not be of any significant importance, its goal will be to have a visibility of a civil war in South Ossetia. Further Sanakoev will ask the Georgian troops for help, after that his services are not required any more.
The fact how Georgia wants bloodshed is not surprising but disgusting. People that are marionettes in that dirty games should think about the evil that they are going to cause to people that did not do anything bad to them. Even if it sometimes occurred to Sanakoev and his company, they are not able to change something in their behavior as they are in strong claws of the Special Forces.

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