Mon, 20/11/2006 - 13:40

As is well known an ex-minister of Defence of Georgia Irakly Okruashvili recently appointed a minister of economic development has resigned. Evidently the suggested post wasn’t to main “Georgian hawk’s” liking. It’s clear because Georgia doesn’t put up so much money in its economic development as in Army. Now it would be also difficult for Okruashvili to make emotional statements at his new post. Young unequable upstart Irakly Okruashvili has learned perfectly to turn up his nose in front of the objectives of cameras and to make loud and frightening speeches folding his arms.
However a superman pose is not enough for working in economic sector. There he ought to work or at least to be quick in the uptake. All the more if it concerns the country where the lion’s share of the strategic objects has been already sold to the foreign companies and where foreign credits are the only sources of existence. Evidently Okruashvili didn’t finally lose his instinct of self-preservation. That’s why no sooner he had familiarized himself with his new functions than he decided to resign. What will the “Georgian hawk” fix his eyes on now? Undoubtedly, on politics! All the more there are a lot of blocs and groups in Georgian political circles, which are hunger for sharing ex-minister’s military heat.

What a pity, that in spite of his promise mr.Okruashvili will not come to Tskhinval to see the New Year in! After all so many people would like to meet such a “precious guest” as he deserves. Alas, we’ll have to celebrate without him…

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