Whose interests does Dmitriy Sanakoev represent?

Tue, 26/06/2007 - 09:08

Dmitriy Sanakoev is invited to Brussels for appearance at the 9-th session of the Committee of parliamentary cooperation Georgia-the European Union. The invitation has been sent to him by the co-chairmen of the Committee - madam Mary-Ann Isler Begin and the head of the committee of the parliament of Georgia on Eurointegration David Bakradze.
Whose interests will Dmitriy Sanakoev represent from such a high tribune, a tribune, whence democratic, humane slogans should sound, a tribune, that should serve as a place of reconciliation and restoration of trust between the people of Europe?.. Obviously - not the ossetians. In that case - what is the aim of his invitation? The answer is simple. In order to befuddle Europe the next time, and to mistake the wish for the reality. Otherwise they wouldn"t have invited to Brussels as a significant « political figure » the puppet and the thief, but for the representative of the real, legitimate authority of the Republic of South Ossetia, aspiring to realize in practice the legitimate right of the ossetian people for self-determination. It is insulting only, that a false, hypocritical speech of a traitor of the Native land will be heard from a representative tribune instead of the fair estimation of the events.

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