Georgia continues blocking full supply of natural gas to Tskhinval

Fri, 20/03/2009 - 18:55

The supply of gas to the capital city of RSO is still at minimum level, said Director of ENERGETIKA Alan Gabaraev. According to him, the pressure in Agara-Tskhinval pipeline has been at 0.5 atmospheres for the last week.
"This amount is hardly enough for 20% of Tskhinval consumption and some parts of the city already lack gas for simple household purposes. It is certainly unrealistic to heat houses. The Georgian gas company ITERA responsible for gas supply stated that the low pressure was caused with technical problems. We were not notified on the nature of these problems and what would be the steps to settle them, through we have inquired this information, " said Gabaraev. He stressed that he very much relied on international gas and water expert Werner Johannides in the settlement of the problem. The expert had been carrying out monitoring on the both sides of the pipeline.
"We believe that Johannides will be able to influence the situation, since he has the powers to conduct his activities within the frames of Geneva talks on security in the Caucasus and find our full support. We hope that the Georgian authorities would also provide the expert with assistance necessary for his work", said Gabaraev.

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