Ossetian villages came under fire from the Georgian territory

Thu, 26/03/2009 - 11:17

The territory of the Republic of South Ossetia came under fire at night on 23 March from the Georgian side. As RSO State Security Committee reported to IA RES, “At 1:25 am, 24 March, a single grenade launcher shot was made at the Ossetian village of Mugut from the borderline Georgian village of Dvani. Fortunately, there were no casualties or destruction. The grenade exploded in the air.”
В пресс-службе отметили, что «подобного рода инциденты стали частыми в последнее время. On 20 March, a mortar shot was made from the same Georgian village and the mine crater was later found not far from the Ossetian village of Khetagurovo, in the vicinity to Tsunar lake. The same night, at around 23:30, two grenade launcher shots were made from the Georgian village of Nikozi, several machine-gun shots in the direction of Khetagurovo village.“
The press-service added that “local residents stated that these incidents are usually provoked by Georgian policemen and militants who serve at the posts stationed at the borderline to patrol the area. There are always no reasons for this sort of shooting.”
It is worth mentioning that experts believe that the ‘spring tensions’ at Georgian-Ossetian borderline are indirectly linked to complicated internal political situation in Georgia and are aimed at shifing attention of Georgia population from internal political and economic crisis in the country.

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