Delegation of EU, OSCE and UN is arriving in South Ossetia

Sat, 02/05/2009 - 15:43

Delegation of Co-Chairmen of Geneva talks for Security in the Caucasus is planning to pay a visit to South Ossetia in 5 May, stated the Special Representatives for Post-Conflict Settlement Boris Chochiev in his Thursday interview.
”I have had a telephone conversation with the EU Ambassador Pierre Morel who informed me that on 5 May a delegation of EU, OSCE and UN was planning to arrive in South Ossetia to discuss the upcoming 18-19 May meeting in Geneva”, said Chochiev. The Special Representative noted that the “conditions for this visit have already been discussed several times and the decision of the South Ossetian side is irrevocable”.
However, according to Boris Chochiev, the “EU Ambassador had been informed that the South Ossetian side will not allow representatives of the UN, OSCE and EU to enter by OSCE Mission military monitors’ vehicles. The organizations which are not working in South Ossetia should not enter the territory of our state. This particular organization had not yet settled the issue of the OSCE’s operation in South Ossetia. And he once again noted that the OSCE Mission to Georgia always concealed the facts of illegitimate activities of the Georgian authorities and is therefore responsible for the event of August 2008. “
Boris Chochiev had stressed that “we are a recognized state and thus we bear the responsibility for security of visitors arriving in our republic. Our representatives are ready to meet the EU, UN and OSCe delegation at the state border. This had been repeated said by the South Ossetian side”.
Boris Chochiev had also added that “Pierre Morel informed him on the phone that they are unable to accept these conditions of ours”.

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