South Ossetia will not participate in the meeting of the working groups within the frames of Geneva discussions

Thu, 11/06/2009 - 12:36

“The EU representatives listened to the South Ossetian side and promised to thoroughly look through the received information and try to settle the situation”, said Chigoev, adding that this issue remains one of the most important for South Ossetia. Earlier, the Special Representative for Post-Conflict Settlement Boris Chochiev stated that in case Georgia did not provide information on the fate of South Ossetian citizens abducted by Georgian special services, the South Ossetian side would refuse from participation in the meetings of the working groups.
As Merab Chigoev noted, Georgia had not so far admit the fact of our people being kept on the territory of Georgia. “We believe there were no concrete changes in the issues we raised. Therefore, the next meeting scheduled for 11 June will not take place. Without the settlement on our citizens’ fate, these meetings become senseless”, said Chigoev.
”We are also insisting on the settlement of issue related to co-chairmanship at the future meetings. All these should be decided without politicizing the issues. One should leave aside one’s ambitions, forget about politics, if there is a will to held and ease the lives of citizens of South Ossetia and Georgia who are living in the areas adjacent to the state border”, he noted.

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