The Contract on natural gas supplies from Russia to South Ossetia is signed

Mon, 07/09/2009 - 10:05

The Russian company GAZPROM and South Ossetian “Energetika” signed a contract on supplies of natural gas from Russia to South Ossetia. As reported by the acting first deputy Prime-Minister of South Ossetia Khasan Pliev, the contract was signed on 3 September.
“The contract envisages the price of 7,26 RUR per cubic meter. It is cheaper than the price for gas received through Georgia. In January 2009, the price was 13,8 RUR per cubic meter. Hence, for the South Ossetian budget, the price is more than 6 RUR per cubic meter cheaper than before”, said Pliev. He added that anther important aspect is the sustainability of supplies directly from Russia.

“As for the gas price for private customers, it will remain at the same level of 4,18 RUR per cubic meter. The difference will be covered from the state budget”, underscored Pliev.

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