Vadim Brovtsev: The Concept for Development of Health Will be Identified by 5 November

Mon, 02/11/2009 - 17:53

Maxim Topilin, Deputy Minister of Health of the RF, is visiting South Ossetia. As VadimBrovtsev, the RSO Prime Minister, told RES Agency the RF Deputy Health Minister arrived in South Ossetia to settle the problems related to rehabilitation of health strictures.
“We have had a meeting, established a commission, which will prepare a technical task on rehabilitation of the Republican hospital, we have decided to try to rehabilitate children’s and adults’ policlinics before the end of the year. There were no allocations for the rehabilitation of these sites but we will settle this issue in the nearest future”, said Brovtsev.

“I had a talk with the administration of the Republican Hospital and heads of departments. We will build up a new canteen, therapy and autopsy units by the end of the first quarter of 2010. The surgery department, x-ray room will be partly reconstructed – it very much depends on installation of new equipment”, said the Prime-Minister.
”We understand that we need a new up-to-date medical center and our primary goal is not to reconstruct, but build up something new – Vadim Brovtsev added. After we reconstruct the hospital and policlinics, new autopsy unit and canteen, we will start redesigning the maternity house and we will try to build up a new hospital building.”
Similar work is ongoing in districts of South Ossetia. It is planned to build up a policlinics equipped with 20-bed in-patients facility in Djava district, a policlinic in Leningor district with 50-bed in-patient facility. I believe, we will be able to find additional funds”.
As Vadim Brovtsev exokained, a special commission will be dealing with reconstruction of health structures. The commission includes representatives of the Ministry of Health of the RF, the Republican Hospital Chief Doctor, representatives of SPETSTROI of Russia and construction organizations. By 5 November, the Commission should prepare proposals on the concept for development of health sector in South Ossetia.

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